Herzlich Willkommen bei Eco Viva!

Herzlich Willkommen bei Eco Viva!

Nutzen Sie unsere Expertise in den Bereichen Nachhaltigkeit, Produktentwicklung, Sales und Marketing!

Eco Viva - Nachhaltigkeit!

Eco Viva - Nachhaltigkeit!

Handeln im Einklang mit Mensch und Natur!

Eco Viva - Marketing

Eco Viva - Marketing

Individuelle Ansätze Ihren Wünschen und Möglichkeiten entsprechend optimal angepasst!

Eco Viva - Expertise!

Eco Viva - Expertise!

Konzepte, Synergien und Kompetenzen für Ihren Erfolg!

Eco Viva - Weltoffen und fair!

Eco Viva - Weltoffen und fair!

Think global - Act local! Aus Hamburg. Hafen. Handel. Herz.

Eco Viva - Office Berlin.

Eco Viva - Office Berlin.

Wir arbeiten mit unseren Partnern vor Ort, um Ihre Ziele zu verwirklichen.

Eco Viva - Regionalität!

Eco Viva - Regionalität!

Gutes aus der Heimat zur Schonung von Klima und Ressourcen.

Eco Viva - FairTrade

Eco Viva - FairTrade

Soziale Verantwortung und Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe!

Eco Viva  - Sales!

Eco Viva - Sales!

Gebündelte Performance für eine starke Präsenz.

Eco Viva - Office Hamburg

Eco Viva - Office Hamburg

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!

Eco Viva -

Eco Viva -

Gutes Handeln - Nachhaltige Entwicklung!



Durch die Verwendung energie- und ressourcenschonender Materialien

Eco Viva - Ecological Diversity


Trading Good(s) - Sustainable Development
Innovation meets Tradition - Our Portfolio
We offer high quality products in the following categories
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  • Mindfuel.png


    Taste Nature


  • lotao.png

    Reis- und Kokosspezialitäten


  • Il golosone.png

    Italienische Bio-Pasta

    Il Golosone

  • Cardinahl.png

    Hochwertige Getränke


    Cardinahl Café

Welcome at Eco Viva
Gutes Handeln - Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Retail is detail!

- To remain flexible and stable in dynamic markets at the same time!

​Hardly any industry is more exciting and closer to people than the the daily goods retail business. Constantly changing demand and consumption habits in dynamic markets place permanent high requirements on new and established companies and their assortments and products. Eco Viva helps you to master these challenges!


Where are the markets? - What are the megatrends of our time? We work for you on analyzes that show what opportunities and risks there are for you. What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, what are the tools to develop your potentials in line with the market for the final consumer?

Stay alert and up to date!...and in touch with your clients!


A holistic approach

Your product in
We work out holistic concepts for the optimization of existing strategies and develop new strategies in the areas of marketing, product development and sales with our team of experts. Based on our broad network and our combined expertise, we also find the right approach with a real 360-degree view for you to raise your potential and to bring your products to the right path.
Whether retail marketing or strategic overall concepts, product development or sales optimization - The right mix, primarily prepared and solution-oriented, is our business!   
With heart, passion and responsibility
In the world where some 299 million tons of plastic is produced annually it is a hard mission. But instead of giving up we carry a mindset that even one person can make a difference. So there’s nothing we like more than serving you, and ourselves with completely natural products. We hope you enjoy them at least as much as we do!
+++News from Non-Food+++

Green Cuddle 

Organic-Cat litter

An Eco Viva Product
Green Cuddle litter is made from natural wheat or rye straw and is suitable for cats and other pets. Made of 100 % natural ingredients, bio cat litter straw-formula pellets are designed for your cat’s paws, are extremely absorbent, and keep odours under control. Disinfecting in a special, patented process at over 100 degrees results in a product free from bacteria that contains no chemicals, dyes or additives.

Eco Viva GmbH

Mittelweg 162

20148 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (0) 40-180531-60

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Your message for us
We advise you!
Sharing is Caring!
From field to fork!

Eco Viva is your partner when it comes to transforming your ideas into the development of consumer goods, from the original idea into realizable trade product conceptions that meet the market requirements.

By our team and many years of experience in various fields of activity of trade and industry, we offer you the complete expertise to guide you expertly and comprehensively at all stages of product development.

Together with our partners, we want to make sure that you avoid unnecessary steps and costs during the development. We take into account your wishes at any time and try to implement them optimally according to consumer- and trade needs.

At every together with our partners we pay attention, to work as much sustainable as possible and incorporate this guideline of our work as much as possible in the entire process.

Our aim is to develop together with our customers not only a finished product, but also a clear vision of a lasting business model and the right sales strategy, focused on product and company. We are only satisfied when our partners and their customers are too. We work with full effort every day!

References of past cooperations

Eco Viva GmbH

Ballindamm 39

c/o Europakontor

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Tel.: +49(0)40-180531-60

Fax : +49(0)40-180531-64



Managing director: Jürgen Pilling

We support:

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*We offer Fair-Trade products


** Organic certified by:

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