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Eco Viva is a young company with classic values. Our team of former commercial managers and experienced traders refer to the classic virtues, when it comes to bring our customers closer to young brands. Together with our partners and customers we want to pave the way for a joint and successful future for creative start-ups and sustainable concepts and offer you full support in sales of goods.

Before we bring a product to our trading partners, we check if it meets our requirements of high quality and has a chance in the dynamic environment of trade. Client’s servicing based on mutual trust, and young markets and sustainable products get the chance to renew their assortment.  

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Thanks to years of experience Eco Viva uses a wide network and develops a suitable sales strategy with the appropriate distribution channels for your product. We accompany market introductions by target customer- and competitor analyzes and support not only negotiations at the wholesale level but also implementations of promotional activities at the POS. Supported by our field service, we also offer a personal, trustful and sustainable assistance in the retail sector. Together with our partners, we go the way from acquisition till listings at the respective trading partners and advise and assist the revitalization of sales potentials at the POS.

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*We offer Fair-Trade products


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