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Eco Viva - Marketing

Eco Viva - Marketing

Von der Idee zur Umsetzung!


Eco Viva - Marketing

Konzepte und Strategien

Eco Viva - Marketing

Eco Viva - Marketing

Wie erreiche ich meine Kunden? - Wie positioniere ich mein Produkt und mein Unternehmen? - Wir entwickleln strategische Ansätze!

Eco Viva - Marketing

Eco Viva - Marketing

Wir analysieren anhand von Marktstudien das Potenzial für Ihre Produkte!


Eco Viva - Marketing

POS-Aktionen & Verkostungen, Produkteinführungen & Samplingaktionen im LEH

Shopping Basket

Eco Viva - Marketing

Handelsmarketing & Monitoring, Werbeerfolgsanalysen, Campaigning

Marken - Marie Sharp's
Corporate Identity | Products | Pricing | Promotion​ | Placing | Marketing-Mix​| Concepts | Trade-Marketing | POS-Marketing​

Whether it comes to developing your Corporate Identity or a holistic approach to marketing your product, Eco Viva accompanies you as a reliable partner for all questions around the topic of marketing. We develop strategies that take into account market developments and consumer needs from beginning and are consistently based on the possibilities of your company and the requirements of the supply chain. We develop promotional activities with you, which show their lasting impact in retail at the POS and we implement them service-oriented. You can rely on the full expertise, the broad network and the passionate creativity of Eco-Viva team.

  • Marketing-Concepts

  • Advice on product level

  • Creative Solutions

  • Holistic Solutions

Eco Viva developes not only concepts, we realize visions. Based on many years of experience- from start-up companies to management in retail management - we have the "all-round view" on combining your marketing options and targets with the needs of trade and consumers in practice.

Eco-Viva - We only have the best ideas for you!

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